Daniel Nyhlén om Carl Philips nya flickvän Sofia

Daniel Nyhlén om Carl Philips nya flickvän Sofia

daniel nyhlén, prinsen carl philip

Prins Carl Philips nya flickvän, snyggbilderna på kronprinsessan Victoria och Daniel Westling …
Missade du TV:4s Förkväll? Då har du chansen att se tv-klippet här!

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7 kommentarer till “Daniel Nyhlén om Carl Philips nya flickvän Sofia”

  1. Pat skriver: 23 januari, 2010

    To be honest..I don’t know any more what to believe about the whole story concerning Sofia and Prins Carl Philip.
    Did you know that Sofia posted on Twitter – already in November -: “I tell you a secret, I am with Carl Philip, but don’t tell anyone!” ..(you definately post something on TWITTER to keep it SECRET, right!!!?)
    Now that was either stupid, – or very much calculating. I assume that she wanted someone from the press reading it. Maybe there is only half of truth in the “romance” than what the press in speculating about now.
    I am a Psychology Student and in my opinion, Sofia is very much trying to get the Prince on the hook. Golden Ticket! And I think she is very smart doing that. She knows very well what she is doing. Looking at “Paradise Hotel” and watching her bodylanguage, her way of speaking..you can see that this girl very much plays a role, she is very much fake. I had a look at her own website that she made up when she went to Africa. First of all I find it more than strange that she just went there when she was already seeing P. Carl Philip. (one could think she was preparing something to look good in public when” the bomb would explode”). Her Website is not very well done, there are not many information and I have seen much better websites made by people who REALLY care about something, so I also think that it is only made up for her own image, and it makes me kind of sick to think about that she is USING these sick children for getting what she wants.
    You never knwo.. maybe it was not him who was holding hands with her, but she. It is all speculation, we don’t even know if any of it is really true…but if it is, Prince Carl Philip should be very careful with this girl. She might look like his mother, but that does not make her being like his mother.
    I actually know these kind of girls and it is always a phenomenon that nice, good-hearted guys fall for them. Very easily they get wrapped around those girls fingers, are completely blind, while people from the outside see clearly what is going on. People might say: you can’t judge someone whom you don’t know. Well, sometimes you don’t have to know people personally but you still know that something is wrong with them, that they are not honest. Sofia is definately a girl like that to me. She plays her game and if she plays it well, …she could win the Prince for marriage even.
    The Press is eating this story like lions now – and that is just what she now could hope for. In the media she is already titled as Prince Carl Philips Girlfriend, although he refused to confess it. Still – with all Sweden talking and knowing this girl now as his girlfriend, it puts him under imense pressure and …all goes HER way!!! Actually very easy, and without even commenting on the story, she still gets what she wants.
    Wasn’t it a friend who talked to the press and let the whole story out?
    Strange to me! And there are no pictures of those two?
    And of course all her friends and family make her look like a saint in public, it is just logical. Because they have profits of it as well.
    So..people and Media should not make her Swedens New Princess, because that is what this girls’intention is. And – even if I don’t know her – I think she does not care about Carl Philip, but for his title; she cares about being with him, so she can show her friends and former classmates..it is about bragging, ..
    I normally do not care about the Princes’ life, but when I saw this girl and heard these rumors, I just could not believe it! “If that is true..” I thought, “then Prince Carl Philip is fxxxxx stupid, or he just wants fun, which this girl surely gives him!” It is just so sad to see that nice men very often fall for these girls and that those mostly win with their false heart. (it is like in a bad fairytale…thinking of Disneys Littel Mermaid: Mermaid can’t speak, and Witch comes transformed into a beautiful girl, getting the Prince on the hook and he is too blind to see it…)
    Just this happened to a friend of mine..and when he realized the truth and her sweet magic melted away..she got pregnant and got him. So Prince Carl Philip, be very careful, please. It would ba a pitty to see such a girl win.
    I hope he is not superficial and is just bewitched by her beauty and her looks. There are other girls with a pretty smile, too!
    And Carl Philip, who knows, maybe your “True Love” is not even in Sweden! Mabybe…she comes from Deutschland, like your mother, she could be even older than you are, like…three years, like your mother was when she met your father, and she maybe does not care if you are a Prince, but just for your heart..she might not have known that you exist, but had seen you in her dreams all her life instead….(that is an Insider) 😉
    OK..people start to reply .. I don’t care…
    Think all what you want ..that was just my brain-storming here.
    Have a nice Weekend, Daniel!

  2. Christina. Helsinki skriver: 23 januari, 2010


    You don´t care, I do..

    Your very ´short ´posting made me yawn. Still you consider your posting as brain storming. Pls, you and brain storming have nothing in common.

    And your advises to CP, can only be replied by bla, bla.

    What is your age? Are you married to Mr. Altzheimer

  3. Jenzina, dansker i Malmö skriver: 24 januari, 2010

    Små flickor drömmer om att vara prinsessor och mer vuxna om att få prinsen på den vita hästen och varför skulle Sofia vara mycket olika.
    Tror inte Carl Philip är upptagen med att försöka få till en ny fast relation, faktiskt.
    Båda kronprins Haakon, kronprins Frederik och Kronprins Felipe har “dated” modeller, utan att det ge upphov till förlovning eller giftermål.
    Kronprins Frederik var till och med “käreste” med både Bettina Ødum och Mary Donaldson i nästan ett halvår 2000-2001.

  4. Kajsa skriver: 24 januari, 2010

    Jag tycker att han kan passa väl med Charlene Wittstock för de är lika gamla.

  5. Christina. Helsinki skriver: 24 januari, 2010

    Eller varför inte fånga Harrys Chelsy. Deras kärlek har varit så on/off.

    Hon är yngre än CP.

    Och hennes föräldrar verkar att ha råd att gifta bort sin tös utan insamlingar.

  6. Annette skriver: 25 januari, 2010

    Snacka om att kungahuset börjar tunnas ut!!! Nu duger “vad som helst”.

  7. Catharina skriver: 25 januari, 2010

    Jag uppskattar Daniel Nyhléns artiklar, han har skärpa och men ändå
    en hälsosam distans till ämnet.

    Hoppas att han blir kommentator under det stundande bröllopet – tillsammans med favoriten Herman Lindqvist, vars kunskaper i historia
    förmodligen är oöverträffbara.
    Hans Crispin är också en god kännare av kungahusen.

    Saknar Agneta Bolme Börjefors, som dog 2008 och som brukade vara programledare “Året med kungafamiljen” vid jul.

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