Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör om prinsessan Diana

Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör om prinsessan Diana


Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör Karin Lennmor var med i SVT på morgonen och diskuterade nya filmen om prinsessan Diana.

Filmen om Diana har blivit mycket uppmärksammad. Karin Lennmor gav en recension av filmen och diskuterade Diana i Gomorron-studion tillsammans med Expressens Cecilia Hagen.


Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör berättade också om när hon själv träffade prinsessan Diana i Norge.

Glöm inte att tävla om biobiljetter till filmen om prinsessan Diana – läs mer här››

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2 kommentarer till “Svensk Damtidnings chefredaktör om prinsessan Diana”

  1. Gigi skriver: 1 oktober, 2013

    Efter Diana…ingen kunglig dam har haft hennes karisma.

  2. emma_h skriver: 1 oktober, 2013

    Under-betyg av ena hvdpersonen… som tigit inför media i 16 år
    Diana’s lover Hasnat Khan has criticised a big-b movie about their romance, as ‘completely wrong’ & says he will never watch it…‘I have never read the book to this day. I really don’t know how she got her information because even my very close friends didn’t know what was going on between me and the Princess.’
    …‘It is a complete lie. I haven’t spoken to anyone involved in that movie. I have never given any approval for it. I have never given any approval in a direct or indirect manner.’
    .,,,Dr H K, stopped buying newspapers shortly after the D’s death, saying he was upset by the constant untruths & speculation. Every year on the anniversary of the Ds death, Dr Khan goes away, often to his home town in Pakistan, to stop being reminded of her death

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